Nau Mai Haere Mai

Te Pamu mō ngā Mokopuna. Welcome to The Farmyard for early learners.

We offer a nature-based curriculum that integrates the wisdom of Steiner Education, to inspire a sustainable way of life. From our warm home to our surrounding farmland, children explore large natural spaces. This way of learning throughout all seasons is a peaceful way for young children to use their senses in all aspects of their development.


The Farmyard has been built upon our values. They flow from and throughout everything we do.

We respect the children and each other, and all the elements of our surrounding environment.

We do everything from a position of trust and to grow trust – creating a safe environment in which our children feel comfortable learning and exploring…


The Farmyard has been designed with a radial layout that provides children with fluid learning opportunities, as there is no separation between the indoor and outdoor space. This connected environment nurtures and sustains our children while creating opportunities for exploration and discovery across the seasons.


We allow each child to explore and appreciate the importance of caring for their environment and living sustainably. The Farmyard is invested in the future of our children and the world that they are and will be a part of.


The Farmyard welcomes children from babies up to six years old.
Our educational goals aim to provide a well-balanced programme through hands-on participation, to encourage resilience, guide investigation and motivate a life-long love of learning. Our emphasis is on the child’s individual development which is non-competitive and unpressurised in an academic sense.


The Farmyard offers a rural discovery-based sustainable early learning environment, which is inspired by Waldorf/Steiner education.
Our educational goals aim to provide a well-balanced programme of learning and development through participatory hands-on experiences which encourage resilience, and guide investigation to motivate a love of lifelong learning.