• Waking up reconnect with a cuddle – relationships are important
  • Getting dressed – slow down and support your child to develop their independence one small step at a time
  • Meal times – empower your child to contribute to preparing the meal
    • Food and kitchen safety
      • Wash hands before handling food
      • Clean surfaces before and after preparing food
      • Washing and drying dishes
    • Food preparation – this will vary depending on their age and skill level but remember children are competen
      • Scrub vegetables
      • Preparing vegetables – tearing lettuce leaves, peeling or chopping with appropriate utensils for their age and stage.
      • Finding. Adding and mixing ingredients
      • Measuring and counting ingredients
  • Let them set the table for meal times making it beautiful – flowers or a candle could be used
  • Brushing Teeth– with support and guidance building up their skills to become independent
  • Hand Washing


The Farmyard offers a rural discovery-based sustainable early learning environment, which is inspired by Waldorf/Steiner education.
Our educational goals aim to provide a well-balanced programme of learning and development through participatory hands-on experiences which encourage resilience, and guide investigation to motivate a love of lifelong learning.