Children are welcomed into The Farmyard from babies to six year olds. In everything we do, our focus is on the whole child. The rhythms of our environment and our thoughts create an unhurried flow of teaching and learning across the seasons. In this beautiful farmland setting, our children have the opportunity to interact and explore; to express and share; and to reflect, learn and grow: every day.

We believe in the education of the whole child using the head, heart and hands, based on child development. You will see a soft integration of our values illuminated through the early childhood curriculum of Te Whāriki, Steiner Curriculum and with the growth of our Rongo Taiao (Forest Class). We now include the N.Z. Curriculum to further education for five to six year olds, supported by Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

We welcome you to explore further and find out more about The Farmyard.


Our values are at the heart of everything we do, we defined them when we began and they inspire us in our actions every day.


Our place is very special, and reflects the importance that we place in nature, in our world, our community and our surroundings. The Farmyard is a nurturing environment within which children can explore and grow.


Sustainability and a focus on preserving our world for future generations is a guiding force in the respect that we show for our environment and the way that we interact with it.


Learning stages are used to reflect and support your child’s stage of development and ensure that our tamariki grow with the confidence to explore, express themselves, and understand the importance of the world around them.


The Farmyard offers a rural discovery-based sustainable early learning environment, which is inspired by Waldorf/Steiner education.
Our educational goals aim to provide a well-balanced programme of learning and development through participatory hands-on experiences which encourage resilience, and guide investigation to motivate a love of lifelong learning.