The Farmyard has been designed with a radial layout that provides children with fluid learning opportunities, as there is no separation between the indoor and outdoor space. This connected environment nurtures and sustains our children while creating opportunities for exploration and discovery across the seasons.

The indoor environment of our eco-building is always warm and always welcoming. The radial structure of our buildings is designed to create spaces in which our children can comfortably learn and grow. Underfloor heating and wood burning stoves create warm, comforting rooms where children can play and explore, tell stories, cook and sing.

Set in hectares of private land, our location provides our children with endless opportunities to explore and learn. Whether they are growing and harvesting vegetables in our gardens; feeding the soil and composting; caring for our animals; or using the materials from our land for creative play. The Farmyard environment supports the flow of the learning day.


The Farmyard offers a rural discovery-based sustainable early learning environment, which is inspired by Waldorf/Steiner education.
Our educational goals aim to provide a well-balanced programme of learning and development through participatory hands-on experiences which encourage resilience, and guide investigation to motivate a love of lifelong learning.